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yatp: yet another transfer protocol

In the beginning of March, I started to a new project with my room-mate Diego.

The main problem is sharing. We shouldn’t be sending e-mails to our friends to share a link, a document file, a presentation or some pictures. We shouldn’t try to memorize a TinyURL to tell a friend. Instant messengers? Eww! We hate those, who doesn’t?

Instant messengers are often useful. However there are many alternatives. Most of them requires you to be online to receive messages, and your online status will be public to your contacts. Most of them uses more then 30 MB of your computer memory. You cannot use them in a network which has no internet connection. Lots of disadvantages.

There’s also no easy way to share files. Websites providing file sharing services make you to much, enter a CAPTCHA image, then wait again. You cannot share a file even if you’re in the same network. OS differences, lack of configuration, bugs, security holes…

We are planning to create a new service based on HTTP to simplify sharing things between friends, especially whose computers are in the same network. We called it yatp, yet another transfer protocol, even it’s not a protocol. We did some brainstorming and created a website. More details will be announced later. And do not forget to visit: yatp.net

Sharing will be fun.