Buying A Nexus 4: The Adventure

Previous summer, I decided to buy a new smartphone. I set a price range for myself, and started searching the ultimate smartphone that suits my needs. I really loved what Sony did with their Xperia products. I made a pro/con list for several phones, and some of the features I considered was: USB on-the-go support, HDMI/MHL, NFC and size (it does matter). My final decision was Xperia Sola, and ordered one in July. The next day, I friend of mine from MIT asked me a favor, and offered to bring me something from US when she returns. I canceled my order for Xperia Sola, because I could buy Xperia P for the same price at Amazon.

On 29th of October, Google announced Nexus 4, in the same price range with Xperia P. All my thoughts had changed…