A Month in High Performance Computing Center

It has been a month since I started working at National Center for High Performance Computing of Turkey. This center provides computing resources for scientific researches and R&D department of industrial companies.

I am a part time employer here, and truth to be told, I have no specific job description. I am obligated to run routine tasks, such as checking host and network status several times a day. I also answer emails and phone calls for technical support.

Fortunately that is only the partial of my job. I generally create small scripts for internal needs and I use Python unless otherwise is requested. I have wrote more than 400 lines of code in the first 3 weeks and I have spent my 4th and 5th weeks compiling several software for the super computer. I know it is not a big deal, but I can proudly announce that GNU C Compiler 4.8 used in the computing nodes are compiled by me! 🙂

Meanwhile, I have also setup a web server for a conference. There was an unused host, a HP ProLiant BL465c G5 Server, and dealing with it felt great. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy being in system room. So much servers, awesome! Yes, I am a geek 🙂

I love working here, and I think I like administrating a system more than developing software. Learning new (cool) things like high performance computing techniques is fun for me. I cannot wait to explore these system more.

If you have questions regarding our center or HPC systems, feel free to ask below in the comments section.