How Fast is Pardus?

Today, I made a Pardus 2011 installation to my notebook PC. I used an USB flash drive as my installation media. If truth be told, I was -really- fast.

I agreed the license terms, hit start button on the stopwatch timer and clicked next. I also check the integrity of my installation media by clicking validate. I have a lot to configure. Since I use my operating systems in English, I had to change keyboard layout and timezone with “Turkish Q” and “Europe/Istanbul” in YALI. I also created and used a custom disk layout.

After the installation has finished, configuration with YALI continues. I created my user account, and set it for auto-login. Finally, when the desktop had shown, I’ve personalized my installation with Kaptan. After installation, configuration and personalization, I pushed the stop button on my stopwatch. Guess it?

It took approximately 15 minutes! Go ahead and enjoy the speed. 😉