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  • Install LESS on Ubuntu with npm

    LESS is available on Ubuntu repositories as “node-less” package. However, as of writing this post, it is an old version (1.3.1) which contains lots of bugs, while a newer and more stable one (1.3.3) is available. And you can install latest LESS version with npm: Because the command name of the node.js is nodejs (instead […]

  • How to Run Flask Applications with Nginx Using Gunicorn

    We have recently bought a VPS for İTÜ24, the online newsletter of Istanbul Technical University. The server is running on Ubuntu Server 12.04 operating system. Due to limited memory resources and performance concerns, we preferred to setup nginx as web server. Our server will serve several web pages and applications developed in various programming languages, […]

  • Compaq Armada 110 Running Linux

    My roommate has an old computer that belongs to one of his relatives: Compaq Armada 110. It’s operating system was, Windows ME and since he is going to return it after few months we are not supposed to change it. However, he is in love with Linux, and it is really hard to find proper […]