Start VLC GUI on Remote Host Using SSH

When you connect a remote computer using SSH, and start a media file with VLC, audio plays at remote host and video (if exists, converted to ASCII) is transferred over SSH to local client, which is kinda cool, I think. If you want to start VLC with GUI on remote, the DISPLAY environment variable should be set correctly.

export DISPLAY=:0

Now when you run vlc command, it starts with GUI mode on remote computer. Moreover, if you want to launch it in full-screen mode, you may set -f flag.

vlc -f mediafile

A Month in High Performance Computing Center

It has been a month since I started working at National Center for High Performance Computing of Turkey. This center provides computing resources for scientific researches and R&D department of industrial companies.

I am a part time employer here, and truth to be told, I have no specific job description. I am obligated to run routine tasks, such as checking host and network status several times a day. I also answer emails and phone calls for technical support.

Fortunately that is only the partial of my job. Continue reading “A Month in High Performance Computing Center”