A Very Delayed Update on My GSoC Status

It has been over a month since summer coding started. Unfortunately, although I am not a procrastinator, I could not perform my best on the project. Besides following news about #OccupyGezi, I have read the Pyramid documentation in the community bonding period. Coding time has also past reading documentations. I spent my time reading and understanding SQLAlchemy and designing the modules for the project in my head.

I have managed to get my focus on my work, two weeks ago. Now, I have several weeks to catch up. The mistakes I’ve made so far:

  • I did not ask my mentor for advices.
  • I got distracted a lot. It was very hard to handle both summer school and summer coding. Because, school has its own assignments, too.
  • Even though I make my commits atomic, instead of pushing them regularly, I kept them local until I finished working on the feature.
  • I did not write any blog posts about my status or what I have done.

I am not proud of this failure or mentioning it here. However, I have learned from my mistakes, and I will not repeat them. You will see more frequent updates on my project status here. Keep following!