Graphical Visualization of databases with PostgreSQL Autodoc

When it comes to software, database systems are beneficial in many ways. They offer us to keep our data organized and a fast way to access them. However as the number of components in a software project increases, it gets harder to preserve the organized structure. In situations like this, visualizing the scheme helps to […]

Quick Guide to D-Bus with Python

Recent weeks, I dealt with D-Bus for my Google Summer of Code project. I was trying to control system services, and systemd has a D-Bus interface. In the beginning, D-Bus seemed a little confusing for me, but I believe I understand it now. In this post I will try to explain it in simple terms […]

A Very Delayed Update on My GSoC Status

It has been over a month since summer coding started. Unfortunately, although I am not a procrastinator, I could not perform my best on the project. Besides following news about #OccupyGezi, I have read the Pyramid documentation in the community bonding period. Coding time has also past reading documentations. I spent my time reading and […]

Google Summer of Code Heyecanı

Google Summer of Code‘a kabul edilen projelere baktığım an muhteşemdi. Öğrenciler arasında arama yapmak için adımı yazdım ve sayfa “Yükleniyor…” ibaresiyle takılı kaldı. Aramayı tekrar tetiklemek için son harfi silip tekrar yazdım, ama ekrana bakamadım. Gözlerimi kapattım, gerçekten, ve cesaretimi toplayıp açtım. İçinde adım geçen bir sonuç vardı. İnanamadım, o yüzden az önce yaptıklarımı tekrarladım: […]

Passion of Google Summer of Code

It was an epic moment when I was checking the accepted projects for Google Summer of Code. I typed my first name and searched through students. The page stuck “Loading…” I erased the last letter ‘r’, and typed it again to trigger the search once more. I literally closed my eyes, and prayed, and dared […]