Passion of Google Summer of Code

It was an epic moment when I was checking the accepted projects for Google Summer of Code. I typed my first name and searched through students. The page stuck “Loading…” I erased the last letter ‘r’, and typed it again to trigger the search once more. I literally closed my eyes, and prayed, and dared to open. There was a result, with my name. I couldn’t believe, so I repeated my last process: typed my name, closed my eyes, and opened again. It was not so much different the moment I was selected for internship at Pardus. I could not stop myself from smiling, and I was shaking, a lot! I was shocked, and constantly reminded myself to breathe. I hit the redial button on my phone, told my mom. I will remember that two and half minutes forever.

My proposal to the Fedora Project is selected to the Google Summer of Code program. I will be developing a web control panel for managing and configuring the services on servers. I believe that the information to learn for configuration and management of the services is to complicated. I think it is important to help brand new web entrepreneurs and home users to get simple things done.

Furthermore, proprietary alternatives are overpriced even for the hosting companies. Creating a rock solid control panel which is also suitable for hosting markets will help companies to save money from software licenses.

I am planning to create a package which is available through the official Fedora software repositories. I would like to continue working on this project when Summer of Code period ends. My to-do list already contains tasks like creating a mobile application and porting to other distributions.

I will be posting more about this project throughout this summer. You can post your questions and suggestions about the project in comments section or Twitter.