Category: Python Programming

  • Uninstall Python Package from OS X

    I have been using Python 3 on my OS X provided by the installation package from for some time, and recently I have decided to switch to Python installation from Homebrew for easier management. In order to uninstall the Python from package, you must remove the files and symbolic links to them. WARNING: This […]

  • Quick Guide to D-Bus with Python

    Recent weeks, I dealt with D-Bus for my Google Summer of Code project. I was trying to control system services, and systemd has a D-Bus interface. In the beginning, D-Bus seemed a little confusing for me, but I believe I understand it now. In this post I will try to explain it in simple terms […]

  • Managing Gunicorn Processes With Supervisor

    Last week, I have written a post about gunicorn applications. We started gunicorn manually, and our application worked. Yay! However, everything is not so great. When (If) the server reboots, gunicorn must be started manually, again. We should find a way to automate this. Actually, there are few ways to accomplish this, such as: init […]

  • How to Run Flask Applications with Nginx Using Gunicorn

    We have recently bought a VPS for İTÜ24, the online newsletter of Istanbul Technical University. The server is running on Ubuntu Server 12.04 operating system. Due to limited memory resources and performance concerns, we preferred to setup nginx as web server. Our server will serve several web pages and applications developed in various programming languages, […]

  • WikiLeaks Cablegate Count v2

    Since the official WikiLeaks page has changed, the previous script needs to be updated. Here it is: Please remember to install piksemel module.

  • WikiLeaks Cablegate Count

    Today, I wrote a small script to get the count of released WikiLeaks cables. Actually, it’s extremely small. Just two lines of code. Generally, I don’t code like this. But I wanted to write it quick (5 minutes?) and keep it short. It uses piksemel to parse the page. Enjoy!

  • How to install piksemel module

    piksemel is a easy to use python XML parser, based on iksemel. Not: If you’re using Pardus, piksemel is preinstalled on your system. Not: If you’re using Windows, before you continue make sure you’ve already installed mingw32 to your system and its directory is included in PATH. Steps for Linux users: Download the package from […]