Internship at Pardus

Hi, I’ve started working on Pardus linux distribution as an intern last week. This post is the summary of the first week at the office…

I’ve been supporting Pardus for almost 6 years and being volunteer at the events occasionally. I’ve met most of the developers during these events. However, I had a great opportunity to met the ones who I haven’t met before and the other interns at the meeting in first day.

Other four days of the week, Pardus developers organized some workshops which are useful for interns in these subjects: Python, vi, ÇOMAR, PiSi, Qt, Linux kernel, testing and debugging… We had enough time to practice too.

I have an active developer application request, and I have plans for Package Manager. Since I’m in the same office with its developer, we had chance to brainstorm. Gökmen has also requested me to make some improvements in package details window. That window contains a web page and making improvements is a piece of cake!

While other interns practice what we’ve learned from workshops, I worked on improvements for the details web page. For development, I preferred nginx web server which I use a lot recently. However, I had to make some changes in php package to be able to use it with nginx. I needed to enable FastCGI support, and I had to update libc-client package to do that. After these changes, I’ve managed to build a new php package with php-fpm patch! 😀

Recently, I changed static rating stars with jQuery and Raty plug-in. I’ve also created a new php class to help me with working SQLite database that holds the rating data. It’s almost finished, I just need to implement a log in system for package ratings.

This week on Monday, it became official that my internship project is “improvements on package manager”. Sexy screenshots are coming soon!