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  • Resetting Your Linux Password

    If you cannot remember your password on a Linux operating system, you can simply reset it within minutes. Here is how to do: The only thing you need is a bootable Linux Live CD or USB thumb drive. You will also need “sudo” command to achieve this, make sure you have root privileges on your […]

  • Internship at Pardus

    Hi, I’ve started working on Pardus linux distribution as an intern last week. This post is the summary of the first week at the office… I’ve been supporting Pardus for almost 6 years and being volunteer at the events occasionally. I’ve met most of the developers during these events. However, I had a great opportunity […]

  • Pardus at CeBIT 2010 Eurasia

    This week had been an exhausting one. I was an exhibitor at Pardus at CeBIT 2010 Eurasia. I’ve talked about Pardus, Linux and open software for 4 days, all day long. Being there as a volunteer and working hard didn’t matter. WE HAD FUN! While we’re giving visitors gifts (Pardus 2009.2 CD’s, posters, brochures and […]