Pardus at CeBIT 2010 Eurasia

This week had been an exhausting one. I was an exhibitor at Pardus at CeBIT 2010 Eurasia. I’ve talked about Pardus, Linux and open software for 4 days, all day long. Being there as a volunteer and working hard didn’t matter. WE HAD FUN!

While we’re giving visitors gifts (Pardus 2009.2 CD’s, posters, brochures and candies), they asked questions about Pardus. Such as: “Is this really free, but why?”, “Where do you get money from?”, “What does free mean?”, “Can I contribute Pardus?”, “Can I use it in my office?”, “How many people uses that?”, “How secure is it?”…

The crowd was enthusiastic about using Pardus. All we have to do is let them play with it a little. There was 10 computers for trying Pardus, and Pardus handled rest of it. Interfaces, effects, ease of use and (open source) games were good enough to attract them! They were just scared to try something different. We gave them enough courage to try Pardus, now we’re waiting for their feedback.

I will save my CeBIT badge forever and I’m too glad to met other volunteers from Özgürlükİç in person, and they’re all awesome! I took a lot of photographs. Cannot wait until next event!