Author: Onur Güzel

  • A Very Delayed Update on My GSoC Status

    It has been over a month since summer coding started. Unfortunately, although I am not a procrastinator, I could not perform my best on the project. Besides following news about #OccupyGezi, I have read the Pyramid documentation in the community bonding period. Coding time has also past reading documentations. I spent my time reading and […]

  • Google Summer of Code Heyecanı

    Google Summer of Code‘a kabul edilen projelere baktığım an muhteşemdi. Öğrenciler arasında arama yapmak için adımı yazdım ve sayfa “Yükleniyor…” ibaresiyle takılı kaldı. Aramayı tekrar tetiklemek için son harfi silip tekrar yazdım, ama ekrana bakamadım. Gözlerimi kapattım, gerçekten, ve cesaretimi toplayıp açtım. İçinde adım geçen bir sonuç vardı. İnanamadım, o yüzden az önce yaptıklarımı tekrarladım: […]

  • Passion of Google Summer of Code

    It was an epic moment when I was checking the accepted projects for Google Summer of Code. I typed my first name and searched through students. The page stuck “Loading…” I erased the last letter ‘r’, and typed it again to trigger the search once more. I literally closed my eyes, and prayed, and dared […]

  • Install LESS on Ubuntu with npm

    LESS is available on Ubuntu repositories as “node-less” package. However, as of writing this post, it is an old version (1.3.1) which contains lots of bugs, while a newer and more stable one (1.3.3) is available. And you can install latest LESS version with npm: Because the command name of the node.js is nodejs (instead […]

  • VirtualBox, Shared Folders and Cache

    I have recently set up a virtual server environment using VirtualBox for quick web development. Using shared folders feature, I wanted to avoid file uploads between VM host and guest. However, when I make request to an updated a file, server responses with the old version. First, I cleared and disabled my browser cache. The […]

  • IHS Telekom Parolanızı Görüyor

    Uyarı: Bu yazı güncellemeler içermektedir. Son durumu yazının en altındaki güncellemelerden takip edebilirsiniz. Her şey, tek kullanımlık şifrenin (TKŞ) çalışmaması ile başladı. Telefonum fabrika ayarlarına sıfırlandığında uygulamanın kullanıcı kimliği de değişmişti, bu yüzden ürettiği şifreler geçersizdi. Gayet doğal bir durum. Tek kullanımlık şifre sistemi bunun dışında da pek çok farklı sebepten de başarısız olabilirdi. Ancak […]

  • Start VLC GUI on Remote Host Using SSH

    When you connect a remote computer using SSH, and start a media file with VLC, audio plays at remote host and video (if exists, converted to ASCII) is transferred over SSH to local client, which is kinda cool, I think. If you want to start VLC with GUI on remote, the DISPLAY environment variable should […]

  • A Month in High Performance Computing Center

    It has been a month since I started working at National Center for High Performance Computing of Turkey. This center provides computing resources for scientific researches and R&D department of industrial companies. I am a part time employer here, and truth to be told, I have no specific job description. I am obligated to run routine tasks, such as checking […]

  • Google Play Port Number for Android Devices

    An Android device contacts Google Play servers for several reasons, such as checking internet connectivity, push notifications and application installations triggered from web. These services will fail to operate if the Google Play ports are blocked in your network (mobile data, wireless, vpn). If you are using a firewall and would like to allow (or […]

  • Buying A Nexus 4: The Adventure

    Previous summer, I decided to buy a new smartphone. I set a price range for myself, and started searching the ultimate smartphone that suits my needs. I really loved what Sony did with their Xperia products. I made a pro/con list for several phones, and some of the features I considered was: USB on-the-go support, […]