Android on iPhone 3G

I’ve been trying to jailbreak my iPhone (iOS 4.2.1) for few days. I thought it would be cool if I install Android on my phone, after jailbreaking it. I used redsn0w several times to jailbreak, however I couldn’t manage to jailbreak even if it says “it’s done”. I didn’t want to downgrade the firmware. If […]

Comparison of Free Twitter Apps in iPhone

I have iPhone 3G which is running on iOS 4.2.1. Since it has a slow processor and low memory, some apps crash all the time. Official Twitter app, “Twitter for iPhone” drove me crazy last weekend. So I decided to switch to a new app. I tested some of popular apps in App Store with […]

Windows İadesi Macerası – Gün 1

Recently, I bought a new laptop. Not suprisingly, a Microsoft Windows operating-system had been preinstalled. I wanted it to be removed. This post tells the first day of the story… in Turkish. Geçtiğimiz perşembe günü (13.01.2011) Profilo AVM’deki (Mecidiyeköy / İstanbul) Teknosa Extra mağazasından Casper marka bir bilgisayar satın aldım. Şaşırtıcı olmayan bir şekilde, Microsoft […]

Storing MAC address in a MySQL database

Today, I encountered a problem: storing MAC address in a MySQL database. MAC addresses (something like “01:23:45:67:78:AB”) contain six hexadecimal (base 16) values. This means each hexadecimal field can store 256 (2 to the power of 8, in base 10) values. It’s 8 bits (= 1 byte) for each value. 6 field x 8 bit […]

Show forecast using Yahoo! Weather

Note: This snippet uses piksemel module to parse XML files. If you don’t have it, read this article to install it. First of all, you need the WOEID (Where on Earth Identification) of the city. In order to learn it, go to and search for the city. You’ll find the WOEID at the end […]